Guatamala 2012

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Hello from Guatemala.  We finally made it, not much sleep, but we got everything in our bags and carry-on.   Debie was in a hurry so we left extra early, and got to the airport before it opened.  We weighed ourselves and our luggage, and both were within normal limits. On our arrival in Guatemala, Geoff picked us up at the airport.  He was in a hurry to get out of Guatemala City before rush hour.  But he forgot to slow down on the winding country roads,  passing traffic, people on foot, in three wheeled motorbikes, called tuk-tuks, cars, minivans, souped up school buses, called chicken buses, even cattle with mounted cowboys. He did stop for a taste of the freshest sweetest pineapple from the fields.  We arrived at the Hospital we were warmly greeted by the Sisters, the Hermanas, and the children of the hospital, who ran for a hug.  Tomorrow, after sleeping in, Geoff and Laszlo will go to pick up the equipment, and after setting up on Saturday, we will get down to work Monday.